Not specifically cannabis but we thought worth highlighting as India’s narcotics legislation is actually far more draconian than one might first imagine.

The New Indian Express reports

Ministry of Home Affairs shows Kerala with 7,477 arrests from 6,616 cases in 2018 was in the second place after Punjab which topped the list with 9,031 arrests from 7,869 cases.The trend seems to be the same this year too in Kerala as around 25 NDPS cases are being registered on an average in a day in the state. On June 18 and June 19, the Excise Department registered 23 Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) cases.

The League Table

As per the 2018 provisional data, other southern states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka were far behind Kerala when it comes to registration of drug cases. While Andhra Pradesh has 143 arrests from 82 cases, Tamil Nadu recorded 3,264 arrests from 2,604 cases and Karnataka recorded 187 arrests in 104 cases.

While Punjab witnessed seizure of considerable volume of contraband items like hashish, heroin, opium and Codeine-based cough syrups, Kerala recorded maximum seizure of only ganja and a little hashish and heroin in 2018.

Officers said drug traffickers mainly prefer ganja in Kerala as it was quite easy to smuggle than hashish and heroin.

“We have been implementing multi-pronged strategies to prevent drug trafficking and include intensive preventive and interdiction efforts along known drug routes,” said a senior NCB officer.