Individual On Microdose Wonderland Conference Banned List Forcibly Removed By Security & Miami Police

Psychedelic Spotlight reports

However, it was quickly confirmed that individuals were indeed banned from the event when independent journalist Sasha Sisko was forcibly removed from the conference by both event security and Miami police. Sisko was told that they were being removed from the event for registering under a different name. At no point was Sisko informed that they had been placed on a list of people banned from the event. Sisko received their registration credentials from Dr. Rachel Yehuda, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Yehuda had received complimentary passes for the event but could not attend, so she gifted her Wonderland ticket to Sisko, who was then removed from the event for supposedly registering under false pretenses. Ironically, Yehuda was the winner of “Academic of the Year” at the annual Microdose Awards held later that evening.


Looking over the banned list it is easy to guess why most of these people made the cut. The entire team at Psymposia was banned, presumably for their ongoing critique of psychedelic capitalism, psychedelic authoritarianism, and the breakthrough podcast “Power Trip” which exposed some of the abuses and lapses in ethical behavior dogging the nascent psychedelic renaissance. Psychedelic harm reduction advocate and drug policy activist Yarelix Estrada also made this list, presumably for similar corporate critiques in her writings and public speaking. Sasha Sisko has made many public critiques of psychedelic industry leaders on their Twitter feed, repeatedly highlighting bizarre takes from the likes of MAPS Executive Director Rick Doblin and psychedelic VC Christian Angermeyer, both of whom were presenting at Wonderland. By removing Sisko from the event, and banning the other independent journalists, the Wonderland organizers made sure that no uncomfortable questions would be raised from the audience during their featured presentations.


Read their full and very worrying report at

Wonderland Miami Exposes Growing Rift in Psychedelic Community


Also it is rather sad to see that Hamilton Morris has jumped headfirst into the industry Kool-Aid .

He’ll be regretting it in a few years time but we presume that’ll be after he’s made himself extremely wealthy

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