It’ll be interesting to see how Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, amongst others start to deal with the medical cannabis issue

All are countries with very punitive legislation and judicial systems when it comes to cannabis

Global look press reports….

An Indonesian man has been jailed for planting medicinal cannabis to ease the suffering of his wife, who was dying of cancer. Human rights groups slammed the authority’s decision, saying that the situation was an emergency.

The district court in West Kalimantan province on Borneo Island issued the sentence for Fidelis Arie on Wednesday, his lawyer Marcelina Lin told Reuters.

Arie will have to serve eight months in prison and to pay a 1-billion-rupiah ($75,000) fine, according to Lin and human rights groups.

The prison term he received even went beyond the initial request of five months by the prosecutors.

The court said that Arie, 36, didn’t have a permit to use cannabis and supplied it to another person (apparently his wife), his lawyer added. The husband, who cried while listening to the verdict, is still considering whether to appeal the court’s decision, Lin said.

Arie’s wife died shortly after his arrest. His sister, Yohana, told Reuters that “any decision won’t make his [Arie’s] wife come back.”

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