Initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Idaho clears

Idaho News 2 reports on the very beginning in the state……Proponents of a new medical marijuana initiative in Idaho have been cleared to begin collecting signatures.

Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney announced Friday that proponents of a new initiative were cleared to begin collecting petition signatures.

The measure has to collect 55,067 signatures from registered voters to qualify for the ballot.

If it makes it to 2020 voters and they approve the initiative, it would enact the “Idaho Medical Marijuana Act”.

The act protects patients who have chronic diseases or conditions or are terminally ill, and caregivers, growers, and agents of medical marijuana purposes from arrest and criminal and civil sanction.

More from Denney’s Press release:

[It would] establish a registry of qualifying patients, caregivers, growers, and agents who shall be issued registry identification and dispensaries which shall be issued registration certificates; to authorize production of marijuana; establish the maximum amount of marijuana qualifying patients and caregivers per assisted patient may possess is four (4) ounces of usable marijuana and six (6) marijuana plants if issued a registry identification card allowing cultivation; establish reporting rules and penalties; to provide the department shall submit an annual report to the Idaho Legislature; provide information regarding names and other identifying information of persons who have been issued or applied for a registry identification card, pursuant to Chapter 97, Title 39, Idaho Code is exempt from disclosure.

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