Is CBD Affecting Memory of People in Canada?

“I have short-term memory loss. I know that some of the memories of the super bowl championships are fading.”

  • Pat Bowlen


NCBI reveals that more than 40% of people aged 65 or above experience several memory-related impairment issues. Another shocking statistic is that there are 16 million people only within the United States who have memory problems. Around 1% of them enter into the worst stage of memory loss and suffer from dementia every year.

Talking about Canada’s statistics on this, 903,700 people are suffering from memory issues in Canada. But none of them has been bearing it due to cannabis or CBD.

Several characters of a forgetful stoner have been entertaining all of us for years now. This has somewhere exaggerated the idea of a stoner in everyone’s mind and their imaginative stories.

But, when you wake up to the realities and actual facts, you will realize that vaping weed or CBD has nothing to do with your memory loss or damage. Some researchers from Harvard Medical School explain this in research papers.

With cannabis consumption, it’s common to encounter slight numbness, but that has nothing to do with memory loss. In case, the cannabis product or extract has THC; it works as a psychoactive, which proves to be an intoxicating component for the brain.

Researchers from the Harvard Medical School explains it as – “This is because marijuana’s main psychoactive chemical, THC, causes its effect by attaching to receptors in brain regions that are vital for memory formation, including the hippocampus, amygdala, and cerebral cortex.”


The concept of regular CBD consumption and memory loss explained 

The National Institute of Drug Abuse explains how people misconceptualized cannabis and THC impact on the human body. An odd joint, occasional CBD consumption is never going to take a toll on your health. However, ingestion of THC may show some unbearable impact, but again it has nothing to do with CBD.

As per the experts from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Deterioration of the hippocampus is what causes age-related memory loss, and THC appears to accelerate this process. Rats that received THC every day for eight months lost as many brain cells in the hippocampus as rats twice their age.”


How to buy it?

By the time it has been legalized in many countries, people have shown immense interest in buying CBD-enriched products. Resulting, you can see a CBD shop Canada almost anywhere around you. Many CBD experts and practitioners suggest buying cannabis depending on your diet, body potential, etc.


So, what’s the verdict?

Many studies and research papers are explaining how cannabis proves to be a boon for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good health. It does not leave any negative or concerning impact on the human brain.


The last word 

A lot of people live with a myth that CBD can leave an impact on their health and memory. Instead, it strengthens the brain cells, ensuring a better state of mind. Here, it is necessary to keep a check on the required amount of CBD consumption and dosage type. For this, it is advisable to associate with a practitioner first.


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