Is Steve D’Angelo Going Back To His Yippie Roots?

The talk of the town this week will be Harborside & Arcview co-founder’s new article Topple The Pyramids (see below) where D’Angelo advocates the idea that the corporate model isn’t working for growers and everything needs to revert or re-invent back to a smaller grower model.

Blow me down it took that long to work it out?

All well and good but we do ask if an individual who has admittedly been there since day 1 in the Cali cannabis scene and founded the marvellous Last Prisoner Project amongst many other great projects ,but, has also, let’s not deny it, profited well from the system he now decries via his canny business moves both at Harborside and Arcview

Here at CLR we are outliers and as a comment from the outside we’d suggest that as good as his motives are he is

A) Of a generation passing and..

B) Tainted in  part by a system that he in part has contributed to, whether he meant that to be the case or not doesn’t really matter at this stage of the proceedings

Here’s what he says.. will he topple his own pyramid?



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