Israel: Special Knesset Cannabis Committee headed by New Hope MK Sharren Haskel has been formed.

The Jerusalem Post reports

The coalition rejected a compromise to resolve a dispute with the opposition over the makeup of Knesset committees.
Likud faction chairman Yariv Levin sent the coalition a letter offering to end the opposition’s boycott of the committees. He demanded that members of the opposition be given the chairmanship of the Knesset Ethics Committee and one committee that is already functioning, in addition to the Science and Technology, and Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs committees that have not yet been formed because they are due to be headed by the opposition.
Levin has also not given up his demand for an additional MK on the Knesset Finance Committee, which has been at the heart of the dispute since the current Knesset started working six months ago.
“The proposal is shameful, pathetic and delusional,” a senior source in the coalition said on Wednesday. “They are always asking for more. The Likud needs to realize that they are in the opposition and we are in the coalition, and not the opposite. They want to continue paralyzing the Knesset instead of finally getting to work.”
The Supreme Court previously ruled against a petition from Likud MKs asking the court to interfere in the dispute and declare the composition of Knesset committees decided by the coalition to be unfair.

MK Sharren Haskel before the cannabis legalization vote (credit: KNESSET)MK Sharren Haskel before the cannabis legalization vote (credit: KNESSET)

The coalition succeeded in creating a new committee on Wednesday. The Knesset House Committee decided to form a committee headed by New Hope faction chairwoman Sharren Haskel, which will legislate her bills on medical cannabis.

Haskel tried to form the committee on Tuesday but was stopped by Religious Zionist Party MK Michal Woldiger, who wrote a letter alleging that there is an illegal conflict of interest in New Hope on the cannabis issue. But the Knesset’s legal adviser, Sagit Afik, rejected Woldiger’s charges and allowed the committee to be formed.
“Despite those trying to stop change, I will continue fighting for those who require treatment until they can receive medicine at a reasonable price,” Haskel said. “It is no less than life-saving.”

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