8 December 2016

CannaSOS report

Police caught Tiffany Trump Smoking Marijuana Strains at Nightclub in NYC!

President-Elect Donald Trump’s daughter – Tiffany Trump, 23, was found in enough sticky when was caught at a nightclub smoking marijuana strain with her friends. For this, she got from her fan and critics a trending name #TwistedTiff.

Unfortunately, there are not many details about this her action just some people say that saw how she was caught by NYPD officers outside of very famous 26th St. BDSM club “Paddles.”

According to some official sources, «Ms. Trump was simply cited for a minor marijuana violation attributed to her confusion regarding cannabis laws in the Empire State. The agent, requesting anonymity, ended the brief explanation by stating that Ms. Trump is looking forward to her day in court and to continuing her Father’s mission to Make America Great Again