It Looks Like Delic Wants To Control The Retail End Of Psychedelic

OK .. i know we are meant to use the words wellness , treatment etc etc but after reading this interview with Matt Strang it’s like we just spent the afternoon with an obsesssed M&A lawyer.. and by the look of his photo none of it is making him any happier.

Matt Strang former Owner-Operator of High Times and now Delic

He’s been shopping

Upon going public six months ago, we have been acquiring cash-flowing businesses in the psychedelic space. So, we acquired CBDV (Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures) which has their cannabis, hemp, and psilocybin licenses from Health Canada. And, we have acquired a chain of ketamine clinics called ketamine infusion centers across Arizona and California.

There is a lot of work being done around MDMA right now. The folks at MAPS have done phase three clinical trials for breakthrough therapies. We have built this platform of clinics by buying this chain of ketamine clinics, and we will open more in six to eight months.

But there are plenty of alarm bells  in this short interview.

This for example .. really?

We will have large amounts of self-reported data along with novel IP that can be packaged together and either licensed or sold to a biotech or pharmaceutical company looking for a derisked psilocybin product that they can push through their pipeline.

Then his comments on ready made half hour trips because people might not want to spend the full 5-6 hours so we will be offered the Coke lite version of psychedelics

It all sounds like, let’s take psychedelics and turn into the fast food industry

Here at CLR we’re sure Mr Strang is bright, far brighter than us but we find it wholeheatedly depressing that that the magic and mystery of psychedelics is being codified thus.

Read the full interview here

How is Delic creating a legal psychedelic ecosystem

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