Italian Ministry of Health has publishes guidelines for the extraction of active ingredients

The authorization procedure for the extraction of active ingredients and the production of cannabis extracts was published by the Ministry of Health after an explicit request from the M5S.

“The Ministry of Health, at our request, has made public the authorization procedure for the manufacture of cannabis extracts on its portal . The Central Narcotics Office (Ucs), in fact, issues agricultural companies with the authorization for the cultivation of hemp plants from certified seeds of varieties allowed by EU legislation, for the purpose of transferring the starting plant material, i.e. cannabis leaves and inflorescences. , exclusively to the workshops authorized to manufacture extracts containing cannabidiol for use in the production of medicines ”, declared Filippo Gallinella , deputy of the M5S and president of the Montecitorio Agriculture Commission.

“At the same time – underlines Gallinella -, I asked AIFA , the Italian Medicines Agency, to make known the list of potentially suitable pharmaceutical workshops so that the agricultural companies concerned can get in touch to start, together, the complex authorization process at the Ministry della Salute which, to date, has only been successfully concluded by two companies “.

“To regulate the cultivation, collection and processing of cannabis inflorescences for the extraction of cannabinoids for medicines is, in fact, the DPR 309 of 1990 which is based on a double authorization , cultivation and manufacture, which constitute two parts of the the same procedure and which must reach the UCS at the same time The hope is that more and more agricultural enterprises will benefit from this further commercial outlet ”he concludes.


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