Italy’s PD Democratic Party Include Cannabis Legalization In Its Manifesto As Tool To Fight Organised Crime

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The PD Democratic Party has included the issue of cannabis legalization in its election manifesto. The party executive recently approved the program with the motto “Together for a democratic and progressive Italy” with which one wants to start the short campaign for the new elections on September 25th. In addition to the areas of citizenship and gay marriage, the legalization of cannabis should also play a major role. For cannabis users and sympathizers, the dissolution of parliament could therefore be an opportunity for progressive reforms to take place faster than expected. 

Fighting the mafia is legalization reason

The election program names the fight against the mafia and organized crime in general as one of the key reasons for legalization . For this reason, home cultivation is also explicitly mentioned in the reform proposal. A reliable supply of patients with medical cannabis should also be ensured. Matteo Salvini, chairman of the right-wing league, had already criticized the Democrats’ willingness to reform, saying that things like drug liberalization were being dealt with instead of important issues like jobs and taxes. 

Opponents of legalization ahead in polls

Unfortunately, election forecasts and polls put the right-wing nationalist Fratelli d’Italia party ahead of the Democrats. If the result of the election corresponds to this voter trend, it will probably result in a centre-right coalition of Fratelli, Lega and Forza Italia. The chances of legalization in the coming legislative period were close to zero, even though a legal cannabis industry would also be an opportunity given the coalition’s main topic, the current crises, inflation and price increases in many areas of life. In order to prevent a centre-right government, voters must still be mobilized massively before the decisive election day. The electoral victory of supporters of legalization would also be a strong signal for other EU member states and could prompt other nations to …

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