Jamaica: Audley Shaw, minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Tells MJ Biz Says Inability To Finalize Export Issues Isn’t The Reason Cannabis Companies Are Giving Up On The Country

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Jamaica’s agriculture minister has dismissed claims that long-delayed regulations for medical cannabis exports is causing international companies to exit the country.

Audley Shaw, minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, said license holders in Jamaica have had the ability to export cannabis flower and extracts and medical and scientific use since November 2018.

Addressing Parliament about media reports indicating several companies were “pulling out of Jamaica as a result of the failure of the CLA (Cannabis Licensing Authority) to implement the required import/export regulations,” Shaw said: “Let me state categorically, that this is not so.”

Shaw said 15 export authorizations have been granted by the CLA.
“The facts are that licence holders in the medical cannabis industry are not hindered in their ability to export products from Jamaica,” he said.

“These exports have been for various purposes including research, medical purposes, cultivation and manufacturing of medical products,” he said.

Permanent regulations to facilitate the commercial export of medical cannabis from Jamaica, intended to make the country’s businesses competitive on the global stage, have been delayed for some time.

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Jamaica minister: ‘Cannabis industry not hindered in ability to export’


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