25 October 2016

Here’s the full report in the Jamaica Observer

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment and Commerce, Anthony Hylton, today called on the Government to articulate a clear vision and policy for the development of the legal medical ganja industry in Jamaica.

 The former minister, under whose direction the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) was established, said the state of affairs has been shrouded in mystery ever since the Jamaica Labour Party administration took office in February of this year.

 “After a sufficient period of review, the time has come for the administration to speak with one coherent voice on its policies and plans for the industry,” Hylton said.

“The early decisions taken by the administration to reverse key elements in the draft interim regulations left by the PNP Administration, such as the non-payment of licence fees for small farmers growing less than half-an-acre of ganja in the first few years, coupled with an apparent decision to subject licensing applications to comments from a myriad of ministries and agencies, could be the death knell of the CLA,” the opposition spokesman added.