January 29 2021: McGire Wood LLP: The Times They Are A-Changing

What the New Biden Administration, the New Congress and the New U.S. Supreme Court Mean for the Food and Beverage Industry January 27, 2021 Join members of McGuireWoods’ food and beverage team for a comprehensive webinar discussing these big changes and their implications for the food and beverage industry.

The webinar will focus on questions such as:

– What will the regulatory environment under the Biden administration look like?

– How will the new composition of Congress affect the industry?

– How will the new regulatory environment impact litigation against the industry?

– What will happen to corporate deals in the industry?

– How will Congress and the Biden administration address cannabis/CBD?

– How will the new composition of the U.S. Supreme Court affect the industry?

Videos may include attorney advertising and aren’t legal advice/opinion. Prior successes ≠ future


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