Japan: Osaka Policemen Appear To Have Prediliction For Cannabis

An unusual story to say the least. Up to 4 members of the police force in  Osaka have admitted to cannabis use. In a country where cannabis is severely frowned upon this is an unusual set of events.

Tha Japan Times reports

Three Osaka prefectural policemen admitted cannabis use after one of their peers was arrested and indicted recently for allegedly possessing cannabis, investigative sources said Thursday.

The cannabis use by the three was brought to light during police hearings in relation to the arrest and indictment of their peer, Ryota Kurakawa, 22.

Kurakawa was arrested June 4 on suspicion of possessing cannabis at his home in violation of the cannabis control law.

According to the sources, Kurakawa’s confession raised suspicion that the three may have used cannabis. Kurakawa and the three, ages between 20 and 22, were working at different police stations.

Kurakawa’s case came to light after a supervisor in May saw an image of a cannabis-like item on his smartphone. Kurakawa admitted that he had used cannabis, and the item confiscated from his home was confirmed to be cannabis.


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