Jersey City cannabis board approves four applicants

The Jersey City Cannabis Control Board convened for the first time in a month on Sept. 12 to process the next round of retail cannabis applicants in the city before them.

In total, the board approved four applicants and denied three. The four approved included Aunt Mary’s in McGinley Square; Bud Space, Cream Dispensary and Cannaboutique by Greenhouse, who are all in Downtown.

The board also denied Canabee, who would’ve been located in the Heights, and two other applicants, Artistic Dispensary and Idyllx, for being too similar to each other.

Auntie’s going green

The first applicant approved unanimously was Aunt Mary’s, who are looking to create a dispensary at 706-710 Bergen Ave. in the McGinley Square neighborhood.

They were carried from their initial hearing on Aug. 8, with the board saying that before it was hard to understand them due to a language barrier, and were allowed to redo their testimony again.

Raj Patel of Cherry Hill testified to being the day-to-day manager, who said that this will be his first time running a dispensary and his aunt was the owner; he pitched his background of his dad first coming to the Jersey City area when he immigrated, as well as having friends and family there as well.

He noted his connections with a number of people and community organizations, as well as meeting the neighbors near their proposed location.

“Overall, I was able to meet 30 different businesses,” he said. “Some were neutral about us coming in; they didn’t mind; and some were really enthusiastic about us coming there. They were asking when we were going to open everything. But no[t] one of the people that I’ve talked to have said that they didn’t want us there.”

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Jersey City cannabis board approves four applicants

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