Josh Horn, Fox Rothschild LLP, Comments On New Jersey’s Re-Introduction of Cannabis Related Assembly Bills

We learn that two assembly bills and one in the senate that were reintroduced in the Legislature vary in scope and range from creating a regulated cannabis marketplace to simply legalizing possession of marijuana.

Josh says:

The reintroduction of the legislation is consistent with the campaign of Governor elect Murphy and the will of the citizens of New Jersey, and the USA as a whole.

A bill introduced by Assemblyman Nicholas Scutari, D-Linden would create a tax structure for cannabis sales, set up licensing guidelines and create a regulatory body called the Division of Marijuana Enforcement that would be created by the Department of Law and Public Safety.

The bill from Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, R-Morris Plains, doesn’t address regulation concerns, but would legalize the possession of marijuana in New Jersey.

Josh also notes the developments in both Vermont & New Hampshire this past week and makes the entirely believable assertion that Sessions may have shot himself in the foot with his memo last week

He says

The timing of the reintroduction and the legislation recently passed in Vermont and New Hampshire reflect the states are going to proceed along the lines that they think are best regardless of the messages being delivered from Washington. If anything, you may see states moving faster than anticipated in response to Attorney General Sessions’ stance on the Cole Memorandum.

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