Juicyfields Litigation Team Website ( www.juicyfieldscase.com) Experiences Cyberattacks

Cyber Attack on Juicyfieldscase.com website

On Monday, April 18, the website www.juicyfieldscase.com, went down. This is the official statement from Olofsson.

“The Litigation team is sad to announce that our primary website, Juicyfieldscase.com, has been temporarily offline and is still not fully stable. We have reason to believe it was hacked right after we posted two articles naming not only the core fraudsters at the heart of the Juicy Fields and Recyclix cases, but a web of connections of people and firms connected to the same.

We are currently restoring the back end of what appears to be a major site corruption, and will keep you updated. We of course intend to keep publishing updates and naming and shaming based on our evidence and witness statements as our litigation against facilitators proceeds in several countries.


Lars and Team

An Escalating Threat Environment

As just reported here, the Litigation Team had been on the receiving end of an escalating series of attacks, up until this point, email only. This began about a month ago with a fairly ominous “invitation” to see the Juicy Fields “new grow” in South Africa and escalated since then into direct threats – and several kinds.

That it also happened right around the time of the broadcasting of the German language ZDF report on the scam (nothing new here but entertaining from a purely eye-candy perspective) may be coincidence, but then again, perhaps not.

Last weekend, I also received an email from a purported “Whistleblower” – or as they described themselves “a group of investors and journalists” – who appeared interested in only one thing. Whether I was willing to “out” a source identified in several media reports and by the Litigation Team as “Anders.”

Even more ominously, if not ridiculously, they asked me to tell them whether I had been in touch with two individuals they named, and further suggested that I might tell them where he/they was/were.

That all of this has happened as Olofsson’s team just published several rather damning articles naming names and making connections is probably also NOT a coincidence.

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