KALAMAZOO, MI — The city of Kalamazoo approved new rules to allow cannabis businesses including growers, processors, retailers, consumption lounges and others.

The Kalamazoo City Commission met its self-imposed deadline of June 1 to allow recreational marijuana businesses, approving the ordinances Monday, May 18, at a virtual Kalamazoo City Commission meeting.

The new rules will allow growers, processing facilities, safety compliance facilities, secure transporters, retailers, microbusinesses, excess growers and designated consumption lounges in Kalamazoo.


The proposal would designate 25% of fees and tax generated revenue toward programs including:

  • A business incubator to help people of color prepare for ownership/operations of future marijuana establishments
  • Community outreach and education on topics such as adult use marijuana, difference between state and federal laws concerning marijuana and adult use in general.
  • Support Shared Prosperity Kalamazoo priorities (Strong Youth, Strong Families, Good jobs)
  • Home ownership – Down payment assistance for those negatively impacted by the war on drugs
  • Blight Elimination

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