Karma Koala Podcast 165: Melody Lindsay, President, Queensland (Australia) Cannabis Party. State Elections On 26 October 2024, How Will The Party Fare At The Ballot Box?

In this episode I speak to Melody Lindsay who was recently elected  to the post of  president of the Qld Cannabis Party.

The state has elections coming up in October.

How will the party do?

What are the issues?

They did well in 2022 against Pauline Hanson (if you are a Brit, think Farage, If you are French think Le Pen and if you are American think about 95% of the GOP these days!) in 2022.

Could they improve numbers this time and maybe even get an elected representative.

This video gives some good background on the 2022 result, start watching at around 1:50


Melody Lindsay


Authorised by Suzette Luyken, Legalise Cannabis Queensland Party, 51 Cullen Street Nimbin NSW 2480
A firm believer in fighting the corporate greed and government putting major cooperations before the people.

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