Karma Koala Podcast Episode 47. This Week Heather Chats With. Thibault Serlet Of The Adrianople Group, Mark Lozzi the CEO @ Confia & Geoff Selzer & Pam Kerwin At Resonate Blends


Thibault founded the Startup Societies Foundation in 2015, a nonprofit which studies and promotes Special Economic Zones and new city projects. He is on the board of advisors of the Center for Innovative Governance Research, and has worked at several startups in the cybersecurity, hardware, and blockchain fields.

Mark Lozzi  – Chief Executive Officer Confia

A software platform that leverages smart contracting and analytics to support regulated, high-risk, and complex industries; enabling trusted, transparent, and efficient networks.

Geoff Selzer & Pam Kerwin of Resonate Blends

Geoff Selzer


Pam Kerwin

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