Karma Koala Podcast – Episode 57: With Josh Swider, Zeyead “Z” Gharib & Zack Iszard & Peter Homberg

Welcome back to the Karma Koala podcast and our first episode of 2022

This week we’ve got 3 great conversations for you.

First up Heather undertakes her final 2021 round-up conversation with

Josh Swider the Co-Founder & CEO of Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs

Learn more about the company at https://infinitecal.com/

Josh’s music choice is Juicy by Notorious B.I.G


Next up ……..

Zeyead “Z” Gharib & Zack Iszard otherwise known as Team Z

Zeyead “Z” Gharib






Zack Iszard

Founder / CEO President & Chief Science Officer respectively of Check them out at  https://www.harvestdirect.co/

On the music front they choose”Bridging the Gap” by NAS and “Paperback Writer”by The Beatles


Last up is Peter Homberg cannabis team lead at Dentons in Berlin.  Germany is about to go legal for recreational this year and may prove to be the pivot European cannabis market as the UK is sitting on its heels with regard to serious decision making and as Brexit divorces them from operating freely in the European market in any meaningful fashion we’d suggest Germany is really the country to pay attention to.

Also read Peter’s column on Cannabis Law Report  https://cannabislaw.report/category/peter-homberg/

Peter chooses  Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

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