Karma Koala Podcast Show 64 14 February 2022 Featuring  Kathryn Blackwell & Chelsea Mulligan of Open Dør Dispensaries, Gleb Oleinik @ Leafreport, Arshad Lasi, the 22-year-old CEO of Ohio-based Nirvana Group & Jennifer Whetzel cannabis brand expert & Author Women In Cannabis Study

Another jam-packed show this week.

Heather talks with



 ¹Kathryn Blackwell  CEO  &Chelsea Mulligan Co-Founder and COO of Open Dør Dispensaries

Kathryn Blackwell

Chelsea Mulligan

Kathryn’s & Chelsea choose The Champion by Carrie Underwood & I Am Woman by Emmy Meli as their songs to accompany the interview



Gleb Oleinik Author, & Head Report Writer @ Leaf report

Gleb Oleinik Author, & Head Report Writer @ Leaf report

The conversation revolves mainly around a recently published CBD report where the takeaways appear to be…. don’t bother with CBD beverages and topicals at the moment but oil-based products are becoming increasingly reliable and secondly your bet might be getting better quality CBD products than you are!

Gleb’s song choice is -Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen




Arshad Lasi , the 22-year-old CEO of Oklahoma-based Nirvana Group and runs one of the state’s fastest-growing dispensary chains. Unsurprisingly he has a great handle on that state’s cannabis market, so, if you want to learn more do have a listen to what he has to say.

Arshad L. Chief Executive Officer at The Nirvana Group

Arshad chooses to listen to Way 2 Sexy by Drake and Smoking Out The Window by Bruno Mars

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Jennifer Whetzel a cannabis brand expert and  Author, Founder and CEO of  the ¹Women In Cannabis Study/²Ladyjane Branding

Jennifer Whetzel

The study is publishing next month

Jennifer says her favorite songs of the moment are Can’t Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilira  & Confident  by Demi Lovato

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