Kratom And Legality Issues: What You Need To Know To Avoid Any Troubles

Kratom, also known more formally as Mitragyna Speciosa, is gaining a lot of popularity in the West for both medicinal purposes and recreational use. When it comes to the medical benefits of Kratom, there haven’t been any formal studies to really understand the way this drug interacts with the human body under certain circumstances nor research or data that illustrates the medical benefits of this plant, however, it has been widely used in the Southeast Asian region for a variety of ailments. Kratom has been a staple ingredient in homeopathic and herbal medicine in this region, and it is, for this reason, it has gained popularity with Western doctors and recreational users.

Since this substance has not been officially tested, and it is still not approved by any major drug authority, the legal status of this substance is very varied. These are some useful tips to keep in mind when you are traveling so that you can more confidently manage a legal situation.


Why Are You Carrying It?

In the case that you are stopped, or your bag is randomly checked and Kratom is found, you need to have a solid reason for why you are carrying it. There are a whole host of medical problems that are treated with Kratom, and if you are using it for recreation only, then you need to have it in quantities that are permitted for individual users.

Some states may not allow it at all regardless of whether it is for a medical condition or recreation. For such a situation it is best to carry it in capsule form so that it can be identified as medication, in the powder form a lot more questions will be asked.

Can I Use Kratom While I Travel

If you are going to be driving or riding a motorcycle or operating any kind of vehicle or machinery, it’s best to not use Kratom. If you are just kicking back on a cruise ship or taking a flight to your destination, and you have nothing that you need to be doing, enjoying some Kratom is no problem. Many travelers have talked about traveling with Kratom and not having any troubles with sleep, fatigue, or jet lag after the journey.

Kratom has been used to treat a lot of health issues, but it’s also a great herb to use while you travel. Just make sure you aren’t in a position of responsibility.

Kratoms Legal Status

In 2016 the DEA wanted to take strict measures against Kratom, but due to an overwhelming resistance from the general public, they were forced to reconsider their action. The DEA was looking to place Kratom among the Schedule 1 drugs which would mean that the sale, manufacture, and use of this substance would be considered illegal. However, due to the strong opposition from groups and individuals, the DEA reversed their decision and now Kratom has a status of illegal in only 6 states. That too is a state law that declares Kratom illegal, however, at a federal level, Kratom is a legal substance.


If you are traveling outside of the USA and are uncertain about the legal status of Kratom at your destination it’s better to spend some time researching this beforehand so that you don’t have any problems when you land there. Even for travelers within the US, it’s always a good idea to know state laws about Kratom so that you know how much you can carry, which form you can carry it in, and whether or not you need any documentation with it.

Managing Kratom

The best way to stay clear of any problems is to leave the Kratom in its original packaging and keep all the labels and stickers on it intact. You don’t want to transfer it into plastic bags or any other kind of container which would make it difficult for an individual of authority to identify the substance. Secondly, don’t try to conceal it and run, be forthcoming and be open about the fact that you possess it. Keep it at the top of the luggage, so officials don’t have to dig around to find more of it and try to keep the process as simple as possible.

Generally, the awareness about Kratom is increasing quite a lot, especially with the numerous groups that promote this substance and the fact that it is being used not only for recreation but also to help with medical problems. The word about Kratom is getting around, but some people are still hesitant in accepting it. Be mindful of the views others hold about this substance and manage yourself accordingly.

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