KTVA report ( there’s video at the link too)

You may be able to use some marijuana products in some retail stores, but current muni rules say you won’t be able to smoke it there.

The Anchorage Assembly passed an ordinance in June that specifically addresses smoking marijuana. It’s prohibited in all public places within the muni, including all businesses visited by the public.

Municipal attorney Bill Falsey said the ordinance has no exceptions. It bans the on-site smoking of marijuana regardless of any state license endorsements, such as the one passed by the state marijuana control board to allow on-site consumption in some retail stores.

Falsely said the Assembly will take another look at the contradiction early next year.

“For a very long time, while the marijuana control board regulations were under development, it looked like on-site consumption was going to be prohibited by state regulation. Now that that’s no longer the case I suspect that there are some Assembly members that are interested in taking another look at this in January,” Falsey said.

The Municipal Attorney’s office is tasked with pulling together laws and policies to help the Anchorage Assembly finalize local marijuana regulations.

Falsey says the Muni is on track to have regulations in place by Feb. 24, which is the same day people can start applying for marijuana business licenses with the state.