Seems like a sensible move after that awful explosion over the weekend.

The LA Times reports

The Los Angeles Fire Department will launch a citywide review of the way certain businesses store volatile materials after an explosion seriously injured several firefighters in a downtown corridor that some consider a haven for supplies used in the creation of unlicensed cannabis products.

Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas said Tuesday that every fire station in Los Angeles would work to identify businesses similar to Smoke Tokes, an East 3rd Street wholesaler that went up in flames Saturday night.

An explosion there left a dozen firefighters injured, including several who were severely burned. Carbon dioxide and butane canisters were found inside the building, though investigators have yet to determine the cause of the blaze, authorities said.

“Those types of businesses pose a threat to the people who work there, the public that goes there, and firefighters if they have to respond there,” Terrazas said.

The review will involve each fire station in the city identifying businesses that store volatile chemicals and ensuring they are stored properly. Those businesses are required to display a diamond placard, which would alert emergency personnel that there are potentially flammable and hazardous materials inside.

Smoke Tokes did not have such a placard, which is normally issued by the city after an inspector confirms the business is housing volatile materials properly, the chief said. In Los Angeles, there is a permit system for the storage of large quantities of flammable gases, and proprietors are required to document what they have on site.

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