Mylany David and Pascal Archambault quoted in Canadian Lawyer

Mylany David and Pascal Archambault, both members of the Langlois practice group specializing in cannabis, were recently quoted in an article published inCanadian Lawyer magazine entitled “Protecting cannabis IP”.

The firm writes,

Our colleagues comment on intellectual property strategy trends in this area, including applications to register cannabis-related trademarks, patents and plant breeders’ rights, and discuss the potential impacts of these strategies.


Pascal Archambault, a business law practitioner with expertise in intellectual property at Langlois in Montreal, says, “We expect a surge in patent and breeders’ rights applications.” Currently, on the Canadian Patents Database, there are two active breeders’ rights granted for hemp, three pending and two for marijuana (pending), all dated 2018.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office currently has more than 500 trademark applications pending for cannabis, says Mylany David, head of the cannabis group at Langlois.

“This is truly giving us an idea of what’s happening in the industry.”

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