Last Prisoner Project Update: Kristian Ferrera Released

LPP constituent Kristian Ferrera was released to home confinement in March after serving 44 months of a 66-month sentence for possession of cannabis with intent to distribute and a firearms charge.

Kristian has a 5-year-old daughter and worked for 20 years as a personal chef nutritionist who consulted on eco-friendly, sustainable farming projects, some of which included cannabis.⁣ Prior to his arrest, he planned to start working in the newly legal cannabis industry, but instead he tells LPP, “that dream was shattered when I ended up being sent a package from California that brought the full weight of the U.S. government down on me.⁣

“They took my home, car, equity, rights, and—most importantly–years of my daughter’s life from me and mine from her. The federal laws need to change regarding cannabis, this cannot happen to more citizens.”


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