All we can say is that we are very glad we are not a cannabis retailer. Maybe if DC sorts itself out re SAFE it can allow the likes of google to think about creating a systemm that actually operates for the sector. Actually this could be a huge opportunity for Lexis or Wolters Kluwer if they thought outside the box.

MJ Biz Report

Marijuana e-commerce platform I Heart Jane suffered a slowdown on Wednesday that impacted an unknown number of recreational and medical cannabis retailers that rely on the software.

I Heart Jane is used by at least 1,700 “dispensaries and brands across 33 state markets,” according to a December news release from software developer Jane Technologies.

Moe Asnani, director of The Downtown Dispensary and D2 Dispensary in Tucson, Arizona, told Marijuana Business Daily that the I Heart Jane system “wasn’t loading” when he tried to log in on Wednesday morning.

“And then I started checking some of the California and (Las) Vegas stores that I know also use I Heart Jane, and they were all having the same issue.”

The I Heart Jane status website cited “a change to the application that placed a heavy load on our servers, slowing down response times across menus and admin portals.”

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Marijuana tech platform I Heart Jane suffers slowdown, affecting retailers