article: “Cannabis Law Is Changing, and Big Law Is Taking Over the Space” .. We say…. hold your horses don’t be so hasty in that assertion

Although the big firms are now publicly in the cannabis space, as, we hasten to add are the likes of publishers like the same people who wouldn’t touch legal cannabis content with a bargepole until late 2018… the same, sadly, applies to the big firms.

They may well be in the cannabis and hemp space  now and be able to provide full service to the big end of town but it is worth noting that firms like Harris Bricken, Hoban , Vincente, Green Light Law and many others have offered great full  service to their clients and have the advantage of on the ground insight and knowledge over a decade or more of working in the space

Let’s not dismiss all the hard work put in by these firms whilst the big end of town was denying that cannabis existed .. or if the top 100 did have cannabis clients a few years back they weren’t shouting about it (Fox Rothschild & Duane Morris excepted)

Having reported on the nexus between “legal publishing” and big law for over  quarter of a century now  we are fully aware that the likes of do love to talk about and spruik  firms who have advertising spend with them, others not so much.

We expect in the fairly near future Lexis, Westlaw, Kluwer and others will also be lecturing us about how much they know about the world of cannabis , hemp, CBD and probably psychedelics too.  Excuse my French .. but they know fuck all but will no doubt be able to  persuade enough people that they do at over inflated prices. write..

As state laws on recreational and medical marijuana change, litigation and deal work abound for firms with a big footprint.

Once a niche filled by criminal and regulatory boutiques, cannabis law in more recent years has seen entry by Big Law firms, whose practice area mix and geographic reach give them an advantage with clients who are lobbying for the continued expansion of their nascent industry in various jurisdictions.

Pennsylvania’s medicinal cannabis industry boomed in the wake of Gov. Tom Wolf’s move to legalize medical marijuana in 2016, followed by a permitting process for dispensaries, granting access for patients starting in 2018.

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