Lawsuit Filed: Alleging Stiiizy marketing to the young by unidentified California high school student

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Marijuana brand Stiiizy has triggered a public health crisis among teens by “marketing dangerous, high potency marijuana vaporizers” to youth, according to a lawsuit filed by an unidentified California high school student.

Filed May 29 in Marin County Superior Court, the lawsuit claims Stiiizy’s marketing is deliberately “aimed at inducing teenagers and young adults to use its product.”

The end result is “driving an epidemic” of cannabis-induced psychosis among California teens, including the plaintiff, who allegedly went berserk in August 2022 after starting to use Stiiizy vapes as a 15-year-old, the suit claims.

Stiiizy, headquartered in Los Angeles, did not immediately respond to an MJBizDaily request for comment.

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