Lawyer Paul Crosio Updates Via Linked In The Latest Info Coming Out Of Thailand Re Proposed Changes to Cannabis Legislation

This is what he says as of week starting 9 October


Draft Thai Cannabis Bill – in the wild

A supposed copy of the draft#cannabisbill has been circulated for comment and frankly there are few surprises.

Contrary to some of the more rabid cannabis lobbyists, the proposed bill does differentiate between#medicaland “other” uses of cannabis as well as making it clear that#hemphas a place in this continuum as a agricultural and industrial product.

The draft bill clearly differentiates between household grow (under 15 cannabis plants) and commercial cultivation which requires a track and trace regime and regular reporting.

The ban on#advertisingis further clarified and it’s clear any electronic marketing of cannabis, whether as a supplier or a “delivery agent”, is illegal and the bill clarifies the penalties for violating this prohibition.

A blanket prohibition on unsubstantiated#therapeuticor medical claims also applies.

The nominated departments are also charged with education and research into the beneficial aspects of cannabis and hemp use.

A lot of the act is still unclear as it refers to regulations that have not yet been announced but clearly#DTAMand the#FDAwill control cannabis growth and consumption moving forward.

There is a clear intention to tighten sales by requiring a therapeutic or approved basis for sales.

The act also sets up a supervisory body and an advisory body as well requiring Thai nationals to be the holders of certain key licenses.

Expect media coverage shortly as the draft act gets past the committee stages but remember this is a draft and may be further ammended.

Hopefully the people exploiting the current loopholes will see this as a signal to move onto other businesses and those with serious interest in the economic and beneficial aspect of cannabis and hemp will have clear rules to deal with.

Usual disclaimer applies that this is not legal advice and purely for educational purposes.

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