LCB Publish Latest Quarterly Newsletter – See TOC

The LCB’s quarterly newsletter, Topics and Trends, is now live with the summer 2022 cannabis edition on Medium. 

We hope you enjoy the content and find the information useful. This issue of Topics and Trends features the following stories:

  • Words Matter: Swapping the term “Marijuana” with “Cannabis”
  • Legal Scholar Engages Board Regarding Social Equity
  • CCRS Phase 2 Kicks Off
  • Addressing High THC Cannabis
  • Cannabis Quality Control Testing Workgroup
  • Cannabis “Party Packs”
  • Cannabis Canopy Measurement Rulemaking
  • Share Your Experience and Feedback with the Cannabis Licensing Team
  • Important Changes – Your Tax and Fee Reporting and Payments
  • Intellectual Property Contract Reviews
  • Clarifying Definitions Related to the Evaluation of Production or Processing of Cannabis Products

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