Leading Cannabis Lawyer Bob Hoban Will Now Become Permanent Contributer To Forbes Magazine

Bob will cover the legal, policy, and regulatory issues shaping the global cannabis industry. He brings a decade of experience sitting at the center of the leading full-service commercial cannabis law firm, advising states from coast to coast and 21 countries on legal structures governing the development of the hemp and marijuana industry.

Here’s the press release…We are so excited to announce the President and Founder of the Hoban Law Group, Bob Hoban is the newest contributor to American business magazine, Forbes, a publication with a rich history stretching back over 100 years.

As this unprecedented global pandemic spread across the world, Colorado’s leaders deemed cannabis dispensaries “essential businesses” and kept them open when so many businesses were forced to shut down. Three dozen other jurisdictions across the U.S. did the same. This “essential” designation carries great responsibility and places a burden on the cannabis industry to ensure that the businesses are in compliance with very strict regulations and good corporate citizenry.

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