Leafcann Adelaide Plant At Stage 1 Launch – What does it all mean?

To be honest we’re not a 100% sure what this actually means in terms of production, jobs etc etc as we can only learn what  has happened from the Murdoch Press, which, of course, is behind a  paywall.

It is more than likely the Adelaide Advertiser is regurgitating a press release, which, by the way, we cannot see on the Leafcann website as they have decided that sharing information publicly is a no no.

Here’s the Adelaide Advertiser story for those who enjoy further enriching the Murdoch family

Stage one of LeafCann’s medicinal cannabis factory in Adelaide’s south almost set to go


Meanwhile over at the Leafcann site see if you can do better than us and find a press release on the launch of stage 1, or for that matter  a press release on anything at all (click image to go to the site)


Why are we mentioning this anyway? This is the reason and we would love to know if this is actually reality

LeafCann says it will employ more than 1000 people at its Adelaide cultivation, research and manufacturing facility.

“Adelaide is known as the Amsterdam of the Southern Hemisphere,” says Ben Fitzsimons, recalling his thought process nearly half a decade ago, as he considered how he might establish a medicinal cannabis industry here.

“I watched what was happening in Colorado and Oregon and thought if the opportunity to change mindset existed … it seemed like a worthy proposition.”

Both US states legalised recreational cannabis in 2014, and had seen spectacular economic results.

During the first year, the Government of Colorado made $130 million in new tax revenue from recreational cannabis alone.

Australian lawmakers were far from ready for that significant a change in mindset, but a change was coming…

Read the full article: https://indaily.com.au/news/business/2019/08/27/is-south-australia-finally-nearing-its-medicinal-cannabis-boom/


All we’d say at this point is the lack of transparency is concerning.

  • A secret warehouse / production site
  • Press releases that push one story and appear to be  only available after much google searching via one Murdoch Press outlet. For those not in the know the Murdoch family came out of Adelaide and Rupert Murdoch now resides there full time. We love a Murdoch coincidence !
  • As far as we can determine there’s no public information as to how many people are going to be employed full time at the facility


The growth of the cannabis sector in Australia and the loosening of TGA rules recently. ….

New Australian TGA Interim Rules Will Mean A Slew Of Aussie Cannabis Companies Vomiting Out Press Releases

Remind us of the way that the mining and energy sectors are run in Australia.

Virtually zero transparency with a small selection of individuals and companies with good state and federal political connections getting public funding to build their private empires and then the proceeds are quietly shared amongst a tight coterie.

Three medicinal cannabis cultivation and production facilities in Victoria and South Australia have received major project status from the Federal Government 3 February 2020.

This is not a way to build an equitable industry sector and we suspect that was never the intention of government both at state and federal level and the businesses involved from the outset

Once again we note that the model for legislation in Australia should reflect where the ACT has started instead of building a cartel supported by government and certain media outlets whose purpose it is to bolster a black market economy for a whole range of economic and political reasons

Australian Capital Territory Legalises Personal Use & Growing of Cannabis


At this point you are probably thinking .. here we go it’s the tinfoil hat brigade….

But in 2020 we have noticed a huge uptick in the Murdoch Press around the country reporting even the most minor cannabis infringements, busts & courtcases in usual demonizing style that this writer who grew up with Sun headlines in  1980’s UK is only too aware of the Murdoch approach in thise matters.



Below are a couple  of examples of cannabis stories from Murdoch press around Australia in 2020 that build a narrative slowly in order to create a political and business hammer when needed. We’d normally be in a position to supply many more such stories but google and the Australian Government (read Murdoch) are currently in a stoush over which huge corporation should control our flow of information


The Daily Telegraph 

Australian Federal Police Association President, Angela Smith, says the new cannabis bill has created some …
Yes it was published … Wed, 1 April 2020 !
The Australian

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