LexBlog Article / Podcast: The Blunt Truth’s Jennifer Mora Funnels a Passion for Writing into Blogging on Cannabis Law

Jennifer Mora is no stranger to blogging. She’s been doing it for years, and she’s seen the benefits firsthand. Jennifer is a senior counsel at Seyfarth Shaw LLP in San Francisco, California, and she has carved a solid niche for herself as an employment attorney and legal blogger specializing in cannabis law. She is clearly passionate about her work, and she brings that energy to her writing.

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Episode Recap

Jennifer begins by discussing her appointment just last week to the position of assistant editor of Seyfarth Shaw’s blog The Blunt Truth. She gives a little background on her career and reveals that she never expected to end up specializing in cannabis when she first began pursuing the law.

Jennifer provides some background on her specialty, explaining who cannabis law affects and why there is always so much to write about. She also reveals that she’s no stranger to blogging, so when she began working at Seyfarth, The Blunt Truth was a perfect fit for her.

She then discusses the blog itself, explaining how her role within it has changed and how the organized system of the multi-author blog runs. She shares that she really likes to write about cases because they’re a story leading up to them and she believes they can be a learning opportunity for anyone reading about them.

She discusses the impact blogging has had on her as an individual lawyer and especially her writing. Jennifer ends by encouraging others to write about timely subjects and seek out review from non-lawyers.

Episode outline

  • 1:08 –  Jennifer discusses her new position as assistant editor of the blog as well as her role as senior counsel at Seyfarth.
  • 3:03 – She talks about how her career intentions and specialty in cannabis have as changed since she went to law school.
  • 4:34 – Jennifer explains how she fell into her cannabis specialty
  • 5:41 – Background on the blog The Blunt Truth and describes how the blog stays up to date in such a rapidly evolving industry.
  • 9:12 – Areas of law that The Blunt Truth covers in relation to marijuana
  • 10:40 – Big issues for employers in marijuana law, including unionization in the  industry
  • 15:15 – Jennifer discusses her previous experience in blogging, why she finds it valuable as a lawyer, and how she got involved in blogging at Seyfarth.
  • 17:15 – How her role has changed with her new position as assistant editor of The Blunt Truth
  • 18:28 – What she likes to write about
  • 19:45 – Who contributes to the blog and how those contributions are managed
  • 22:02 – Jennifer discusses where she gets ideas to blog, what her editorial standards look like, and who her audience is.
  • 25:32 – How blogging creates a system of internal marketing involved and the real reason Jennifer blogs
  • 26:29 – Blogging’s impact on her career
  • 27:34 – Jennifer offers some advice for a successful blog.

The Blunt Truth’s Jennifer Mora Funnels a Passion for Writing into Blogging on Cannabis Law

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