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In order to efficiently practice blockchain, one must first understand the reason behind its growth, its benefits, and what it actually offers outside the decentralized market. Unarguably, the growth and advancement of blockchain technology are showing no signs of slowing down. Over the past couple of decades, the rapid development of blockchain tools and software has made the impossible, possible. As the blockchain industry grows, so have the number of aspiring techies who wish to understand the norms around decentralization and how global industries are deploying this emerging technology. Industry experts have confirmed that the impact of blockchain might be as significant as the internet era, which is why students are highly drawn to understanding and learning the core concepts of this new technology and establishing a career in this ever-growing domain. Now, to cope with the present industry demands, global authorities have decided to introduce blockchain education into their regular curriculums. In this report, we have discovered the top 100 universities that are excelling in blockchain education and are providing students with top-notch industry exposure to aid them in becoming the blockchain experts of the future.


1. B9 Lab Academy in the UK

Location: Online

Course: Blockchain Taster

Fee: Free

Duration: 20 Hours


This course is designed for anyone who wants to get a comprehensive bird’s eye view of blockchains and some of their advantages and disadvantages. You do not need any programming experience or prior knowledge about blockchain to join this free introductory course. To complete this course one would need a computer with at least 8 GB RAM and 50GB free hard disk space. This free taster is self paced and covers 20 hours of text, videos, animations, and quizzes.


2. Belhaven University

Location: Online

Course: PG program in Blockchain

Fees: Rs. 75,012 + GST

Duration: 4 months


The online program is designed to help you master distributed ledger, Ethereum, solidity programming, and more. This Post Graduate program includes 10 courses and 5 industry-relevant projects. Additionally, there are courses that have been co-created with IBM, namely, ‘IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer’ & ‘Deploy a Web-based Blockchain Insurance Application’.


3. Cambridge University

Location: Online

Course: Distributed Ledger Technologies: Foundations and Applications

Duration: 16 hours


This reading group course examines foundations and current research into distributed ledger (blockchain) technologies and their applications. Students will read, review, and present seminal research papers in this area. Once completed, students should be able to integrate blockchain technologies into their own research and gain familiarity with a range of research skills.

The final format of the course will depend on the enrolment. Each week, three or four class participants will critically introduce papers using 15-20 minute conference-style presentations. Each presentation will be followed by about 10 minutes of questions, then a guided discussion by all present. Slides will be used for presentation.


4. Carnegie Mellon University

Location: Australia

Course: Blockchain Fundamentals – Summer, 6 units


This class will be a deep dive into blockchain technology. Teachers will discuss the fundamental cryptographic underpinnings of the technology as well as different consensus mechanisms currently available. Well discuss both single purpose blockchains such as Bitcoin as well as general-purpose implementations. Well discuss governance of blockchain technology and related challenges, as well as legal challenges and concerns. This course will also provide an overview of blockchain programming, highlighting both existing challenges and specific nuances in blockchain programming. Students should leave the class with a better understanding of what blockchain technology is, what types of problems are best suited for blockchain-based solutions, as well as a more thorough understanding of the impact that blockchain technology is having across the board.


5. Chinese University of Hong Kong

Location: Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building, Hong Kong, China

Course: IERG5590 Advanced Topics in Blockchain (Spring 2022)


The course code starts with 5, (i.e., a graduate-level class), yet undergraduates are also welcomed. You will learn the importance of blockchain and how it helps in the verification and traceability of multistep transactions needing verification and traceability. It can provide secure transactions, reduce compliance costs, and speed up data transfer processing. Blockchain technology can help contract management and audit the origin of a product.


6. Chitkara University  

Location: Chandigarh, India

Course: B.E. Computer Science Engineering with Specialization in Blockchain Technology

Duration: 4 years


Specialization in Blockchain Technology is a revolutionary technology that enables peer-to-peer transfer of digital assets without any intermediaries and is predicted to be just as impactful as the Internet. 4 years of the intensive learning experience at Chitkara University’s campus with ample theoretical knowledge and practical skill development opportunities.


7. City University of Hong Kong            

Location: On campus

Course: SDSC3003 – Blockchain


Blockchain technology facilitates marketplaces, digital platforms, privacy and trust without traditional intermediaries. This course provides students an elementary introduction of both technological aspect and economical aspect of Blockchain technology, including the mechanism underlying its functioning and some of its core applications, such as cryptocurrency, smart contract, initial coin/token offering, and others.


8. Columbia University

Location: Online

Course: Blockchain in Business (Online): Beyond the Hype

Fees: US$1,657

Duration: 6 Weeks


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies claim the headlines in the media, leaving business leaders with the challenge of distinguishing between what’s hype versus what has the power to transform an entire industry. The Blockchain in Business (Online): Beyond the Hype program allows you to break through the mystery, offering a practical understanding of the blockchain by examining both its opportunities and challenges.

Over the course of this program, you will learn how cryptocurrencies work and how the underlying blockchain technology could impact your organization and industry. You’ll delve into the history, evolution, and real-world applications of blockchain with an eye on how these technologies influence executive decision-making.


9. Cornell University

Location: Online

Course: Application of Blockchain Technology

Duration: 2 Weeks


Blockchain has recently become synonymous with “cryptocurrency,” but its applications are much wider than financial transactions. Though cryptocurrencies constitute the most popular of applications, business applications are endless. In fact, any industry that makes use of an intermediary to verify transactions could in theory make use of blockchain technology. But how do people know if their industry and/or company stands to gain from adopting the technology?

This course provides you with the tools to discern the applicability of blockchain technology to your business model. You will do this by learning about smart contracts and how you can implement minimal trust applications for almost any task imaginable. You will analyze how smart contracts work, how they’re used today, and how to reason about their capabilities, and what ongoing technical challenges they pose. In the course project, you will come up with your own smart contract application and outline the challenges that might exist in its adoption.


10. Coventry University          

Location: Online

Course: BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain

Duration: 1 day


The BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain training will validate your knowledge of Blockchain as a ledger and the potential it has to be a global, decentralized record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets (including finance, property, and products). Throughout this Blockchain training course you will learn the basic concepts of Blockchain, fields of application and potential value for both the technology driving it and organisations embracing it.

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