The London Evening Standard report Friday that London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a rethink on cannabis laws and policing amid concern about the links between drugs and violent crime.


The report says that the  ….The Mayor softened his stance on the class B drug by calling for an “evidence-based conversation” about legislation and enforcement.

He said the Evening Standard’s investigation into reforming the laws on cannabis had shown how attitudes were changing. It found that 63 per cent of Londoners back its legalisation for adult recreational use.

Mr Khan, who last year said he was opposed to relaxing the rules on recreational use, told the Standard: “The time is right for our society to have an evidence-based conversation about cannabis — about the law, how it is enforced, and how we support those struggling with addiction.

“It goes without saying that I will continue to support the police to enforce the law as it stands, but all Londoners will benefit if we can start a conversation that leads to a reduction in violent crime.”