Look out for some very healthy thieves … Thousands of dollars’ worth of CBD oil stolen from Hemp Health Company in Bloomington

The owner of the Hemp Health Company on S. Walnut St. said when he arrived to work Monday morning, he found the window broken and glass all over the floor.

“I was kind of shaken when I came in and saw everything,” owner Taylor foster said.

The college senior had just opened the store earlier this summer, and was getting ready to install security cameras.

Foster said he opened the store after using the products himself and had trouble getting more information about them.

“The places that had it were more like smoke shops and I would ask and they couldn’t tell me anything about it. I did a year and a half worth of research,” Foster said.

Foster said CBD oil, edibles, bath bombs and skincare were among the items taken, for a total cost he estimates around $6,000.

“The idea behind CBD oil is it does not result in any type of high that normal THC might and it’s an entirely different process than anything like marijuana or THC. So this should have zero street value,” Bloomington Police Capt. Steve Kellams said.

Police are looking for whoever is responsible.

Source: https://cbs4indy.com/2018/08/08/thousands-in-cbd-oil-products-stolen-during-bloomington-break-in/

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