Why you ask do we say that?

They’ve just parted company with D’Angelo and their former COO

Steve D’Angelo Severs Ties With Harborside

COO Greg Sutton Announces Departure From Harbourside


This is their current C-Suite


We think Bilodeau’s got some targets to meet by end 2021. The fact that he’s an interim CEO and is described thus on the company’s website sends further messages

Peter Bilodeau is a serial entrepreneur with extensive leadership experience across many sectors, including the cannabis industry, merchant and investment banking, retail, manufacturing, real estate, and oil & gas. He is President and CEO of Foundation Markets Inc. and FMI Capital Advisory Inc. Prior to launching his entrepreneurial career, Peter worked for one of Canada’s major chartered banks quickly advancing to the senior management ranks.
He is a former real estate appraiser with extensive experience in various types of real property valuation. Mr. Bilodeau’s business prowess is frequently called upon through his finance and consulting business and as a member of the Board of Directors of several companies. Peter has a Masters Degree in Business Administration, with a specialty in Financial Services, from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


But the icing on the cake for us, is this  following job ad that just popped up today. The question is.. are they looking to become a leading dispensary retailer via acquisitions in other states or are they looking even bigger and looking to get into production nationallay and internationally.

It also begs the question. Did D’Angelo want no part of future plans or is this the company now trying to make their mark without his stewardship

Time will tell.


Mergers and Aquisitions Attorney Harborside

Full Job Description. Harborside is a global leader in the medical cannabis movement and represents…

These are the skills they are looking for


  • Assesses the state of each company seeking to enter the transaction to ensure both are in decent financial standing and have all requisite corporate records in place; Creates due diligence checklists for other companies and coordinates due diligence checklist on behalf of Harborside.
  • As requests are made and different phases of the deal take place, apprises about activity, helps with weighing options, and works to implement any necessary changes.
  • Serves as the central point of contact for transactions. Reviews and approves virtually every aspect of the deal, serving as an intermediary between all parties.
  • Responsible for structuring, drafting and/or negotiating transaction documentation, such as term sheets, contracts, opinions, letters, registrations, transaction agreements, and government applications.
  • Advises General Counsel on strategic M&A transactions, including leading diligence, negotiations, and closings of transactions.
  • Collaborates and works closely with various business units and manages internal and external deal processes.
  • Manages the Company’s periodic securities filings, including quarterly, annual, and current reports and proxy statements.
  • In collaboration with internal finance team, develops detailed financial models and valuation analyses for all potential transactions and provides input into the preparation of technical reports for the General Counsel that effectively communicate all review findings.
  • Reviews and contributes to public facing materials including press releases.
  • Stays informed on current and developing legislation governing mergers and acquisitions within the business’s jurisdiction, ensuring that all the business’s M&A initiatives are within the confines of the law.
  • Assists with the appropriate financing for mergers and acquisitions and provides advice concerning negotiations.
  • Builds a transaction “road map” for Harborside from start to finish including a projected timeframe.
  • Determines in collaboration with tax attorneys, the tax implications and if they require special structuring.
  • Works with antitrust attorneys to assess regulatory obstacles, gain regulatory approval and analyze any other required regulatory approvals.