Los Angeles City Council Approves Motion For “Verified” Stickers To Be Shown At Licensed Cannabis Retailers

In an attempt to protect marijuana users from unregulated and untested products at unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, a motion was approved by the Los Angeles City Council on June 7. The motion wants to establish a county initiative that issues emblem placards for licensed cannabis businesses to display.

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Under the Emblem Program of the Los Angeles County for licensed cannabis businesses, cannabis stores and storefronts will be able to request an emblem. By so doing, the agency will come for necessary inspections and, if approved, they can display the emblem on their business premises for everyone to see.

Councilman Paul Koretz, who co-introduced the initiative with Councilman Curren Price, was very optimistic about the idea. According to him, this will provide a way forward in making it easier to distinguish between illegal and legal dispensaries.

However, while conversations primarily center around dispensaries operating as illegal or unpermitted, the bigger issue is the safety and health impacts of illegal dispensaries on users .

Koretz further explained that unpermitted cannabis dispensaries often sell products that have been contaminated, tainted, and mislabeled. He added that this greatly undermines the legal structures put in place to make sure Angelenos are protected from dangerous cannabis products when they visit a dispensary.

The initiative has granted the Attorney of Los Angeles City to outline an ordinance that would implement the program across the city. Koretz clarified that the motion was brought forward in May and if the ordinance is sanctioned, the program should get to launch before the year ends.

Source:    https://www.greenentrepreneur.com/article/429986

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