MJ Biz report..More confusion was added to the mix in Los Angeles this week over the city’s latest marijuana business licensing round after City Council President Herb Wesson called for the process to be redone, thus throwing into doubt the fate of 100 highly coveted cannabis retail licenses in the largest MJ market in the world.

MJ Biz say……….Some winning applicants, in response, threatened to sue the city if the initial results are scrapped.

But industry officials applauded the move, saying last month’s licensing round had been flawed.

In a letter to the L.A. Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), Wesson recommended that:

  • The roughly 800 retail marijuana license applications submitted last month be suspended.
  • License applicants be given a refund for their fees.
  • All invoices sent to winning applicants be canceled.
  • A third-party audit be performed to ensure the licensing system has been working properly.



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L.A. Council president requests redo of retail marijuana licensing round, sending shockwaves through market