Lucid News Report: An Investor Looks at Drug Development Strategies of Top Psychedelic Companies

Of the five leading publicly traded companies developing psychedelic-assisted therapies, all of them – Compass PathwaysField TripNuminusMindMed, and Cybin – are creating new compounds, or new formulations of existing compounds, to provide targeted mental health treatments.

Part one of this series looked at the intellectual property (IP) strategies of these companies and how some are developing clinics to test new therapeutic methods. Other companies are focusing entirely on drug development intended to optimize outcomes for patients.

Lindsay Hoover, managing partner of the JLS Fund (and an investor in Lucid News) says that she has concerns about how well the blended focus of launching clinic networks meshes with the drug development model. She notes that they are two very different operations that are both capital intensive in different ways.

“I sense that there will be some spin-outs or separations or spin-offs of other entities,” says Hoover of companies that do both types of operations. “As in many industries, such as cannabis, people vertically integrate when it’s small and growing and then dis-aggregate to focus on core competencies when the financial markets start discounting the whole vs. the parts.”

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An Investor Looks at Drug Development Strategies of Top Psychedelic Companies

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