Magic Mushroom Bust Western Sydney – Arrestee Wearing Popyeye T- Shirt & Bird Pyjama Bottoms

We reported on this earlier in the week . The sartorial elegance of magic mushroom and lsd dealers could be turned into one of the christmas books they put by the tills in book shops at the festive season to pick up for stocking fillers

In our book it is so blindingly obvious people working in this field are so far from criminal it is ridiculous. They are working it out in the USA . Australia as always will take an age to catch up

The Daily Mail reports

A man donning a set of bird pyjama bottoms has been arrested after police seized $700,000 worth of magic mushrooms.

Strike Force Bagster investigators swooped in on a home in Greystanes, in Sydney’s west, earlier this month.

Officers discovered a hidden laboratory and 46kgs of psilocybin – commonly known as magic mushrooms.

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