MagicMed Forms Strategic Research Partnership With University Of Calgary

MagicMed makes psychedelic molecules to turn trips into treatments. Says the University

University partner poised to be world leader in molecular derivatives for pharmaceutical use

Acompany started by researchers at the University of Calgary is raising money, filing patents and manufacturing molecular derivatives of psilocybin for pharmaceutical companies to put to work in new medicines. MagicMed Industries is building the “Psybrary” of novel psychedelic molecular derivatives that drug companies can use to develop treatments for anxiety, depression, migraines and many other brain and mental health conditions.

Studies have shown that psilocybin — the molecule found in magic mushrooms, a psychedelic street drug — has encouraging medicinal uses but it can also cause disturbing side-effects including hallucinations and panic attacks. Modifying the natural molecule is expected to maximize its positive attributes while reducing the negative ones.

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