27 January 2017

The following message was sent out yesterday by MPRM

MPRM can be contacted at  http://maineprm.org/faq

Dear MPRM members and friends:

As soon as today if not Monday, the legislative leadership in Augusta will issue orders forming a special joint committee to deal with amendments to Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act.  

MPRM supports the formation of this committee because we believe that marijuana policy in Maine should be dealt with in a comprehensive, integrated and thoughtful manner – not in silos.

We are concerned that the new joint committee will not have jurisdiction over proposed changes to Maine’s medical marijuana system.  MPRM has identified a number of problems with Maine’s medical marijuana system, and we have proposed legislation to improve the safety and transparency of that system.

We strongly believe that revisions to the recreational and medical marijuana systems should be dealt with in tandem, at the same time in a coordinated manner. 

We urge YOU to call the Speaker of the Maine House and the Maine Senate President and urge them to make clear that the new joint committee will have jurisdiction over bills relating to both the medical and the recreational marijuana systems. . It’s vitally important you take the minute to email or give them a call and leave a message. Here is the simple message, “The Joint Select Committee must include the medical program and not just adult use. The best policy outcomes will not come from a disjointed process. Please include medical marijuana program in the mission of the joint select committee.”

Contact info:

Senate President Michael Thibodeau

Senate President Office: (207) 287-1500


Speaker Sara Gideon

Speaker’s Office: 207.287.1300