Interesting numbers, we’re presuming the professions think they’ll easily earn that money back.

AUGUSTA — Bankers, accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers and other professionals hoping to serve Maine’s recreational marijuana industry spent much of the $260,000 that has been paid to State House marijuana lobbyists so far in 2017.

That figure is sizable by Maine standards, representing about 5 percent of the $4.8 million in total lobbying expenditures so far this year.

The money being spent to influence legislation reflects the potential size of the recreational pot market: nearly $300 million in sales a year by 2020, according to one attorney involved in lobbying legislators.

A bill to create a regulatory framework for the new industry will go to public hearing in September, but implementation of the law is expected to miss the February 2018 deadline spelled out in the ballot question approved by voters last fall.