Maine’s Former Cannabis Regulator Launches Cannabis Consulting Firm

Here’s the  press release

Erik Gundersen, former Executive Director of Maine’s Office of Cannabis Policy, launches firm to consult governments and cannabis businesses in navigating the complex cannabis industry.

Today marks the official launch of ERG Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm set to advise governments at all levels and national clients operating in the complex cannabis space. The firm is driven by its founder and former top cannabis regulator for the state of Maine, Erik Gundersen.

“I’m excited to share my experiences and expertise with government entities and cannabis businesses nationwide,” says Gundersen. “I look forward to contributing to sustainable, equitable and responsible cannabis markets on a larger scale.”

Gundersen’s time in cannabis policy started as Senior Policy Advisor in the Maine Speaker’s Office and as liaison to the Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Marijuana Legalization and Implementation, the committee credited with drafting the Maine Legalization Act, which serves as the framework for Maine’s now burgeoning adult-use cannabis program.

In February 2019, Maine Gov. Janet Mills tapped Gundersen to establish the Office of Cannabis Policy and launch the state’s adult-use cannabis program. Under Gundersen’s leadership, the Office of Cannabis Policy successfully ushered in the first set of program rules, scaled the office, built out systems and processes, and began accepting license applications at the end of 2019. Maine’s adult use cannabis program launched in 2020 amid the COVID pandemic.

“I’m incredibly proud of everything we accomplished during my time leading the Office of Cannabis Policy,” adds Gundersen. “Cannabis regulators are a small group of the most dedicated public servants imaginable. I look forward to continuing my working in cannabis alongside this amazing group and private companies as well.”

Gundersen also was a founding member of CANNRA, the national association of cannabis regulators.

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