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Adult and medical users — of which there are an estimated 40,000 — on the central Mediterranean archipelago have been struggling to find cannabis in the midst of the driest season they’ve ever experienced.

“So much for [Malta being] the medical hub of Europe,” president Andrew Bonello of community-based pressure group Releaf Malta told Lovin Malta. “One of the medicinal cannabis brands, Pedanios, has been out of stock for around a month and Bedrocan, the only other alternative, has been out of stock for two or three weeks.”




Maltese medical consumers, he said, in particular, are becoming “desperate” in their attempts to get ahold of their medicine. “People are livid,” Bonello explained. “So many people have contacted us, we cannot keep up.”

Meanwhile, with physicians’ prescriptions collecting dust, some medical cannabis users have been trying to score their medication the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, most are out of luck. While pharmacies have reportedly been out of stock for weeks, so too have Malta’s friendly neighbourhood weed dealers.

This isn’t the first time Malta has experienced such a shortage; the republic also ran out of medical weed in 2018 — although the illicit market was still flush at the time.

The drought has Maltese politicians such as MEP Alex Agius Saliba, a longtime advocate for medical cannabis users, advocating for an improved legislative system of securing and distributing the drug to ensure Malta’s medical users aren’t stranded without medication.

MEP Alex Agius Saliba

Although medical cannabis has been legal in Malta since 2018, Bonello says the medical weed issues aren’t limited to its supply, calling out the lack of diversity in available products, the limited number of legal sources, and the high cost of legal cannabis.

“Many people just want to be able to grow their own cannabis as they just cannot afford the exorbitant prices,” Bonello says. “How can a cancer patient afford €960 a month when they can’t even work?

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