Malta Issues EU’s First Licenses Allowing Nonprofit ‘Cannabis Associations’ To Grow

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Officials in Malta have issued the European Union’s first two licenses to not-for-profit associations to legally grow and distribute marijuana, according to the leader of the country’s Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC). It’s an example of the nation’s cautious first steps toward legal distribution of the drug after becoming the first EU nation to formally end prohibition in 2021.

ARUC Executive Chair Leonid McKay announced that the agency granted operational licenses to two associations, KDD Society and Ta’ Zelli, allowing them to begin cultivation. The cannabis must be tested by ARUC before the groups can begin distributing it to members.

The associations are aiming to begin legal distribution in February, according to the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, which said it was involved in the country’s policymaking in an advisory role. McKay said at a press conference that prices are expected to compete with the illicit market, although the government will not play a direct role in pricing.

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Malta Issues EU’s First Licenses Allowing Nonprofit ‘Cannabis Associations’ To Begin Growing Marijuana

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